Guest Posting on Brown-Eyed Amazon!

The fabulous, talented and amazing AnaYelsi Sanchez blogs at and she’s been doing an excellent series titled “Out of the Closet and Into the Pews.” The series features guest writers who are all members of the inaugural leadership training conference for The Reformation Project, an organization working for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in the Christian church.

I am incredibly honored to be today’s featured writer! Please head over to Brown-Eyed Amazon and take a look at my post, titled “The Destiny of Worth.”

An excerpt: “When an institution (like the Christian church) that means the world to so many people advocates a position that degrades an entire group, it establishes a dynamic in which people feel justified in their bullying, hatred, fear, and perpetuation of negative stereotypes, not to mention their violence. This is when we get homelessness because gay teens are getting kicked out of their families. This is when we get people being beaten up, fired from their jobs, ostracized from friends, family, and churches. This is when we get bullying so bad that people are committing suicide. This is when we get Matthew Shepard.”

Please feel free to share, tweet, and spread the word! Namaste, my friends.

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