Maluhia and the Way Things Are

Sometimes things just…happen. For good and for bad. Sometimes strange things fall in our laps.

In mid-April, the head of assessment where I teach asked if I was interested in getting trained to train other faculty members on using a new Critical-Thinking Assessment Test that we are adopting. She told me that I was one of only a couple of people that the Provost hand-picked for attending this training, so I was excited and honored. “Sure!” The training is in early June.

Then she told me where the training is.


I laughed hysterically.

So tomorrow morning I head to the airport to trek over to Kona, Hawaii (on the big island) for a training with the Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning at Tennessee Tech University. I am excited to nerd out about assessment and improving our students’ critical thinking skills, but also excited to explore a bit of paradise.

It’s been bittersweet, however. My mother (angel that she is), volunteered to come stay with the boys and helped out with a plane ticket so that Tim could join me! We were ecstatic, as it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But on Thursday, May 30, the day before she was to come here, she fell and broke her ankle in two places.

SUCKTASTIC all around.

I hate hate hate it for her that she has to deal with the pain, annoyance, and inconvenience of the air boot cast thing, crutches, being laid up, etc. But I also hate it for her because she is so very upset that her accident has affected our plans. Of course we are disappointed, but this was just that–an accident–and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She needs to rest and recover, and there’s no way to do that while trying to wrestle two rabid badgers on a daily basis.

So it’s been sort of strange to prepare for this trip, as it went quickly from thrilling to sobering. I am still really excited that I get to go; don’t get me wrong. I know I will have fun when I get there. But I had gotten in my head the idea that I would be able to celebrate this little bit of paradise with Tim, and it’s hard to think of him not being able to go.

But he’ll rock things out here while I’m gone, and I’ll do my best not to worry. Maluhia = “peace” in Hawaiian. I will breathe in, maluhia, and breathe out.

Namaste, friends.

A pic of the hotel/resort where I’ll be staying, the Hilton Waikoloa Village: