TGIF? How about TGIM…

Fridays on facebook, I always see a bunch of posts about how glad people are that it’s the weekend, TGIF, etc…  But truthfully, weekends are always a challenge for us. There is not the same structure as the boys have at school, and they both (Wickett in particular) thrive on structure.

People often ask us what our plans are for the weekend, and a typical response is, “To make it through until Monday morning.” This is mostly a joke, but there is certainly an element of truth to it. We are somewhat limited in what we can do with the boys due to many factors (behavioral issues, finances, lack of appropriate things to do nearby, etc.), so we often feel like we’re scrambling and struggling just to keep them from beating the crap out of each other and destroying the house.

Not trying to get all “poor us,” but just being honest about how the weekends can be rough. We love having the time with the boys, but weekends like this one where weather will likely keep us indoors a lot, well…send prayers. 🙂


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