This journey we are on

Over the past two and a half years, I have started this blog several times. But I never published. Perhaps it felt too “close,” too personal, too soon, too…something. But I suppose enough time has passed where I have some perspective and feel ready. Well, as ready as possible.

Blogging started out as a way to help me process through the challenges I was facing, and in reading others’ blogs I realize that there can be much comfort in knowing that other people are facing the same challenges. So I hope that by sharing my stories, perhaps some of you will be comforted…or at least I will have made you laugh.  🙂

This blog started out as a “parenting-on-the-autism-spectrum” blog, but I have realized that there is much more I feel the need to process. So this blog will be a bit of parenting, a bit of autism, a bit of faith, a bit of sustainable living, and more thrown in. But here is the first blog entry I made (January 4th, 2011) but never posted:

‘On August 25th 2010, our son was diagnosed with mild/high-functioning autism.

It has been just over 4 months since the official diagnosis.

But it has been longer since we suspected it, since I worried about it and felt inadequate and helpless, since I felt him slipping further away from me and yet powerless to stop it.

But now we know.  The diagnosis is heartbreaking and validating and anxiety-inducing and a relief all at the same time.  No one ever wants to have to hear that about her child, but it is the diagnosis that is now making it possible for us to get him the help he needs…the same diagnosis that has sent me into a tailspin, grasping at the grief process and trying to navigate this new territory.  Without a map.  Without a guide book.  Away from family.

I understand logically that the diagnosis is ultimately a good thing, but my heart is just taking awhile to catch up to my head.  And that’s a lot of what this blog is about.  The heart divide.  My head and heart rarely truly being in the same place but working towards that synthesis.

I can’t promise that it will always be uplifting and inspiring…but I promise it will always be honest.”


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